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Crooksstore was sponsored Johor Calisthenics Community to empower their event. This organisation active in helping young people doing their hobby and prevent immoral activity among youngsters. Johor Calisthenics Community was organizer for various freestyle calisthenics competition. We would love to spread good vibes to our community.
Johor Calisthenics Community can be reach through Instagram: johor_calisthenics


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CROOKSSTORE started with an international distributor of local pomade brand located in Johor Bahru since 2014. Founder of Crooksstore, Hanif Kamil was online his business since he was studied in engineering field at local Malaysia university. On that time, Crooksstore was a major distributor for local pomade brand in Johor Bahru. We was shipped our local product to entire Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.
After a few years of achievement, Crooksstore started to move forward with our own brand CROOKS Pomade. Crooks Pomade was the first product from Crooksstore after such a long time been in the pomade scene, we agreed to produce our own brand to meet customer demand and as a gift to our loyal customers. We also accept a lot of positive user feedback and we strive to bring more Crooksstore products to our loyal customers.
On 2019, we make a huge changes to our product packaging and branding to follow and keep playing in pomade scene. CLASSED Pomade was our newly wager that has…

CLASSED Pomade by Crooksstore

CLASSED, new by Crooksstore. Another product from us to meet market demand. Our texture and hold type has been tested for a years. 
CLASSED Pomade 2019
RM35 each
FREE STICKER Waterbased Superb Hold Contains: 140g Fresh Lemon Scent
Available for retail and wholesale, +6017 826 2607
Ready to ship overseas.

Crooks Pomade 1st Edition


Waterbased Strong Hold Contains: 100g Apple Lily Scent
Available for wholesale, +6017 826 2607

*This product was sold out and we stop their production.